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03/09/2008 06:58:54 Generation5 10-year Anniversary
Posted by James Matthews
Generation5 I can't quite believe this, but Generation5 is 10 years old. I appreciate the site has fallen into neglect in recent months/years, but my work at Microsoft does keep me incredibly busy. That said, I still have plans for Generation5 and would love to invest a little more time. Despite this, traffic is still strong to all the mountains of articles that still exist, and it is one of the best repositories out there for AI information. Thanks for visiting and your continued support!

09/04/2007 19:51:19 New Generation5 Design!
Posted by James Matthews

Well folks, I've been invigorated in part by remembering how much I enjoy keeping Generation5 going and in part by Dr. Simon Cogan - so thanks to him.

I hope you like the new-look Generation5 - I've actually greatly simplified some things, taken away some features (like member functionality, customizable front page etc.) and focused on making articles more readable, easier to print and easier to access. The new toolbar will hopefully help you all navigate around the site a bit better too.

Please excuse the mess while everything is updated, there may still be a few creases to iron out! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

02/01/2007 10:53:08 Happy New Year 2007
Posted by James Matthews

Hmm, it is a little embarrassing that the last entry that claims I'll be reviving my efforts on Generation5 was a little over a year ago!

Nevertheless, I felt it was important to post to say Happy New Year and that I really am hoping 2007 will see a revival in Generation5. Perhaps not the full reviews and interviews aspect, but definitely in articles and news. For those of you that do want to contact me, please use my work e-mail address as Generation5's has fallen under the burden of spam.

04/11/2005 10:52:38 Where has Generation5 Gone?!
Posted by James Matthews
Generation5 Thought it was about time I posted, since it has been an unprecedented amount of time since I've updated the front page, and I felt I owe an explanation.

My new job has made it very hard to update the site regularly, and the free time I do have I don't feel compelled to spend in front of a computer! A variety of business trips, lack of internet at home (temporary!), a fried laptop, and running Windows Vista/IE7 on my work machine has conspired to make it very hard to update the site and check my e-mail.

I most definitely plan on reviving my efforts, fulfilling my promise of giving away my AIBO, and continuing to provide the 400,000 of you a month that come to Gen5 for AI content.

There is a good chance that Gen5 front page will move more toward a blog, with me posting articles and AI movements that I find interesting, while maintaining the fantastic community provided content people still send.

I'm keen to migrate the JDK to .NET, making AI concepts quicker to prototype and visualize, but this will definitely be an ongoing project!

I do apologize for the lack of updates, my bouncing e-mail and not following up the AIBO competition - it will all happen, just in time! In the meantime, I'm pretty sure the only person that has read the 400 or so articles on this site is me, so feel free to peruse the site!

09/05/2005 17:20:38 Competition Closed
Posted by James Matthews
Generation5 The AIBO competition is now closed, and I'll be looking over submissions over the next week or two and will announce the results then. Keep your fingers crossed!

08/04/2005 16:28:19 Site Update
Posted by James Matthews
Generation5 Contrary to popular belief, I'm not dead - more in transition! :) I really am sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm still adjusting to life at work and the temporary lack of an internet connection at home is another limiting factor.

I know these lapses in updates annoy people, so I'm looking for 3-4 people who would be interested in posting news items on Generation5 themselves (i.e., through the site's administration interface, not by e-mailing me!).

On another more exciting note, I've been waiting for the AIBO competition threshold to be reached, but since I've been so lazy updating Generation5 - I'll give something back! So, I hereby announce the AIBO competition will close at midnight (BST) on Sunday May 8th. I will then judge the best articles submitted, and dish out the prizes - including a ERS-111 AIBO! So please, if you have considered writing an article for Generation5, now is definitely the time to do it.

Sorry to all again for the delays in updating the this space.

21/01/2005 20:26:15 Situational Update
Posted by James Matthews
Generation5 I thought it was best I updated the front page to give you guys a good idea about the current situation. I am currently holding back from updating Generation5 for several reasons: firstly, I am away in Seattle which has made it unexpectedly hard to update the main page and upload the new articles I've been sent. Secondly, having just started a new job there are a variety of factors that are delaying everything - so please, please bear with me.

I have some fantastic new articles to upload and lots of news which I will hopefully have up by the end of next week.

Watch this space...

27/12/2004 22:42:29 New JDK Release
Posted by James Matthews
Generation5 I'm very sorry for the lack of updates, various reasons: Christmas and New Years, as well as relocation down to Reading, and preparation for a new job in 2005! Nevertheless, I've used this period to cram in as much as I can, and I've released or updated four new articles, most of which are tied into the new release of the Generation5 JDK.

The new JDK has a huge number of new features: Hough transforms, noise (impulse and Gaussian), rank filtering, improved histogram class, improved Sobel edge detector, ONR now as demonstration applet, support for board games and simple AI agents, influence maps, and a greatly improved KohonenNN class.

Check out the demonstrations, especially if you've not seen them before!

Anyway, I'm hoping to do another big news and article update within the next few days before 2005 is upon us. Again, my apologizes for the sporadic updating.

03/12/2004 23:57:56 C3PO, JDK and Your Feedback
Posted by James Matthews
Generation5 This week has been an incredibly busy week for Generation5. Not only have I had the chance to interview Anthony Daniels, the actor who plays C3PO in Star Wars, but have been feverishly working on another real update of the Generation5 JDK.

The last release was a little rushed, but this next release will include much-improved, documented and organized demonstrations, more complete Javadoc, Hough transforms, and numerous bug fixes and tweaks. I'm hoping to bring out 2-3 tie-in articles too.

On top of that, I have about 3 submitted articles waiting to be uploaded, and I'm working to bring you 3 or 4 new reviews by next week. All-in-all, watch this space!

This said, I'm looking for a little feedback regarding Generation5's news. AI and robotics seems to almost saturate the news, in ways it never did when Generation5 first started up six years ago. Therefore, where would you like to see Generation5's news heading? Should Generation5 be more particular about the news it posts, not bother reprinting widely published articles such as those posted on Slashdot or keep soldiering on the way we are? I'd be very interested to hear any of your thoughts.

26/11/2004 22:12:26 Latest JDK Release Uploaded
Posted by James Matthews
Generation5 I have uploaded the latest release of the JDK, with some nifty new features (from the Generation5 JDK site):
  • Time series classes to automatically (or manually) snapshot Visualizable-implementing classes or BufferedImages.
  • Feedforward networks, neural network trainers and a dedicated org.generation5.nn package.
  • Improved histogram and plotting classes.
  • Expanded machine vision with convolution, histogram equalization, and bug fixes.
  • WireWorld cellular automata applet, machine vision demonstration applet.
  • Numerous bug fixes.
Check out the two new demonstrations as well as the new screenshots. SourceForge has also been updated with latest zip files of the source, demo source and Javadoc.

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